How To Get The Best Nose Job Rhinoplasty in New York City

1. See a rhinoplasty specialist

In the realm of facial plastic surgery, the most complex and detail-oriented operation is rhinoplasty. Therefore, it’s best to seek out a facial plastic surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasties and performs them frequently.

A surgeon with a strong background in rhinoplasty surgery will have expertise in the anatomy and functionality of the nose, ensuring both a fabulous looking nose, and the ability to breathe well after your surgery.

2. Look at before-and-after photos as well as online reviews

The photos will give you a sense of the surgeon’s aesthetic sense and capabilities. Additionally, most surgeons will have many more photos to show you during the actual consult in their office.

Online reviews will allow you to see feedback from the surgeon’s client base. Keep in mind, though, that an occasional mediocre review can certainly occur in a busier practice, and should not be an automatic disqualifier, particularly if the review has been responded to in an appropriate and professional manner.

3. Talk to patients who have had rhinoplasties with the surgeon you are considering working with

This is a great way to find out how the surgery went, what to expect during the post-operative course, and the overall customer service of the practice.

4. Speak to office staff

They, too, should be knowledgeable about the procedure, and they should be friendly and welcoming.

5. Avoid free or complimentary consults

As in many aspects of life, free does not equal better. In fact, most free consults are being offered by less experienced or less qualified surgeons as a way to get people in the front door. Wouldn’t you want to see a surgeon who values his or her time and expertise, and in turn will value yours?

Also, most surgeons will apply the consult fee to the actual procedure if the surgery is booked with that surgeon. So, in that situation it is, in fact, a complimentary consultation.

6. Be comfortable and in good communication with your surgeon

While most rhinoplasty surgeons are perfectionists by nature, perfection in rhinoplasty is often elusive due to variables in healing and other factors that are often unpredictable.

7. Have realistic goals/expectations

This is a great way to find out how the surgery went, what to expect during the post-operative course, and the overall customer service of the practice.

It is best to hope for a good improvement. If only a perfect result will be satisfactory to you, you ought to have serious second thoughts about having rhinoplasty surgery.

8. Don’t base your decision on price

When seeking rhinoplasty surgery, your ultimate decision should not be based solely on price. Getting it done right, while not requiring the highest price, will often require a price well above the cheapest.

The cheapest price, in the end, may end up being the most expensive if your rhinoplasty has to be revised. Many offices offer some type of financing to their patients.

A rhinoplasty is a work of art, not a commodity. You want your surgeon to be fully present and committed to you and your best possible result. Therefore, shopping around for the cheapest price (the way you might if you were buying a car) is never a great idea.

9. Be committed – to your procedure AND your follow up care

Your rhinoplasty surgery is an investment in yourself, but it is a very personal decision that one should not take lightly.

It is important to follow all of your pre- and post-operative instructions to attain optimal results.

10. Embrace your sense of excitement

Embrace your sense of excitement about your journey to anatomical correction and aesthetic enhancement of your nose.

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