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World-class Surgeon with a Small-town Manner - New York, NY

I am a person who would always have sinus infections. Anytime I got a cold, I knew it would linger at least a month. Anytime someone coughed on me, I worried. The original cause was a childhood accident — I face-planted into the side of our (stone) house playing freeze-tag at the age of eight. At the age of thirty-nine, after three months of not being able to breathe out of the left side of my nose, I knew it was time. My father, a physician himself, had always said that if I was going to get my septum fixed, I should have it done by a plastic surgeon. Then I happened to meet Dr. Zimm, and somehow knew he was the doctor I wanted to trust to operate on my nose and face….

Relative to many medical environments in New York, the first consultation was a dream, and I am not exaggerating. Dr. Zimm spent so much time with me, listening to me. He explains things extremely clearly but also substantively. It was probably the first time in my life I actually understood why my sinuses were the way they were and how to fix them. His patient coordinator Jennifer is absolutely lovely and extremely good at what she does. His offices are a great environment.

As we discussed the surgery, I felt more and more fortunate to be working with Dr. Zimm. I was really impressed by how much he knew about state-of-the art surgical techniques and practiced them. He is clearly an extremely skilled surgeon. He is also a very intelligent and kind person. As someone who doesn’t love the idea of surgery, I felt comfortable and confident.

My sinus recovery after surgery was really smooth and not painful. Because Dr. Zimm uses special new stints, I didn’t have any cotton packing in my nose and could breathe a lot better than I thought I would. He and Jennifer had made sure I had everything I needed and that I knew how to take my medications.

Since my sinus surgery, I have been breathing better than I thought was possible. I am definitely one of those people who didn’t know what ‘normal’ was and was putting up with a lot of discomfort — especially because it had gradually gotten worse over time.

My story includes much more than my planned sinus surgery, and I’ll include some of that here because it demonstrates how much I appreciate Dr. Zimm. Through the process of getting sinus surgery, I realized that I actually had an entirely separate medical condition that manifested itself through a bad reaction to anesthesia. It is extremely rare — literally one in a million. Dr Zimm and his anesthesiologist not only delivered me safely through my own separate medical problem (and bad reaction to anesthesia), but Dr. Zimm also expertly operated the best way possible on my sinuses given the circumstances. What happened to me probably happens to a doctor once in his career — but it means that I got to see how Dr. Zimm was in a crisis, and he was incredible — in addition to his talent in surgery itself, he is the kind of person you would want to have along if you encountered a bear in the woods. He also visited me in the hospital. Twice. And sent his resident to check on me too. He and Jennifer were fantastic as I finished my own medical odyssey and got well generally.

I am genuinely grateful to have been under Dr. Zimm’s care and to call him my ENT. I would recommend him to anyone — of any age and for any kind of surgery. As someone who works as a professor and an artist, I can say that Dr. Zimm sets a high bar for engaging with people and teaching them about their condition, for putting people at ease and building trust, and for clearly being passionate about both the artistry and the technical dexterity of his work. I couldn’t recommend him more.

If I was asked to describe Dr. Zimm in two words I would say : GREAT HEALER!!!.

That is exactly whom he is to me. Before my treatment with Dr. Zimm,I suffered with terrible allergies and great difficulty in breathing. This condition became worse over time and was resistant to any treatments or medications. I had little energy and began to lose interest in my usual pursuits. On my very first visit with Dr. Zimm he listened carefully to my history and correctly diagnosed my condition and began a course of treatment. Today, I am breathing well and feeling energized. Thank you Dr. Zimm for restoring my health and giving me a new burst of life energy!!!!!

Combo of Sinus/rhinoplasty - Flushing, NY

I became a patient of Dr Zimm in September of 2013...
18 Feb 2014 3 months post
I became a patient of Dr Zimm in September of 2013 out of necessity- I had a very bad sinus infection and I had to see an ENT urgently. Right away he gave me an antibiotic to take the swelling down and scheduled a follow up visit. Unfortunately the infection was very severe and I ended up with another round of antibiotic. Then I saw Dr. Zimm again for another follow up. Looking at my medical history he strongly suggested surgical correction of my sinuses. He was very factual and thorough, explaining to me that I was a very good candidate for this surgery as I had 3-4 sinus infections a year and antibiotics and steroids were no longer a solution to fix this problem. He ordered a cat scan and presented it to me at our next appointment. At this time I was already on the road to a sinus surgery. Since Dr. Zimm is both an ENT and plastic surgeon, I asked his opinion on a rhinoplasty and how he'd fix my nose. He explained it was a very good idea to do it at the same time since I would be under one anesthesia. He took pictures and showed me all the plastic corrections he'd apply to my nose. I am not going to lie I was very very scared and it took me quite a while to make up my mind. There were a few more visits to Dr. Zimm's office, where I was welcomed with a warm smile from Ms. Jennifer-Dr. Zimm's patient coordinator. Through all this time Dr. Zimm never rushed me through anything, was very professional and answered all my fears and uncertainties. Finally we scheduled the surgery for 11/25/2013 in New York Hospital of Queens. Dr Zimm personally called me the evening before to make sure all my last minute questions were answered. I saw Dr. Zimm the day of the surgery and many times after. All those follow up visits in his office are always professional and both Ms. Jennifer and Dr. Zimm also posses a good sense of humor. Not to mention the office is extremely clean and Ms. Jennifer is very helpful with accommodating my appointments. After all is set and done, I can say with all certainty I am very happy with both surgeries; my nose is perfect and I can breath better! I would definitely recommend Dr. Zimm to anybody who considers either a plastic correction or a sinus surgery.

Say Goodbye to That Big Forehead Frown - New York, NY

I was looking for a little bit of a lift, nothing...
11 Feb 2014 11 days post
I was looking for a little bit of a lift, nothing drastic and Dr. Zimm is excellent with a wonderful aesthetic. He answers all questions and lets you know exactly what to expect. I highly recommend this, he was certainly able to dispel all of the notions of "frozen face". Very natural, and almost no discomfort!

New York Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Zimm has been my ENT for 5+ years. He has always recommended the least invasive, most natural treatments and emphasizes doable lifestyle changes. Until this year, I had always been closed to cosmetic procedures but thought, well, if Dr. Zimm recommends at the consult, I will go with it. At best, I thought my fine lines would look reduced to me but nobody else. What happened was everybody stops to compliment me on my refreshed and brightened look which they attribute to much better sleep. This is why I go to Dr. Zimm--because he does what's right for me. He spends time with me. He listens to me. His office visits are even more of a joy because of his exceptionally friendly, helpful Patient Coordinator Jennifer.


Sinus Surgery and Deviated Septum Repair - New York, NY

After 20 years of suffering from 6 sinus...
4 Dec 2013 2 months post
After 20 years of suffering from 6 sinus infections a year and not being able to ever fully breath I had the balloon and traditional sinus surgery. Its been 2 months and i cant believe the results and how much better i feel. It has completely changed my life. No more blowing my noise and feeling pressure all day.

Dr. Zimm has been amazing!

Dr. Zimm has been amazing! Very patient answering all my questions and made me feel so comfortable with every visit and especially after surgery. Never a wait in his office and always a smile and warm welcome from his staff. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Rhinoplasty Surgery - Manhattan, NY

I was very pleased with the entire experience. Dr....
11 Nov 2013 4 months post
I was very pleased with the entire experience. Dr. Zimm was very thorough before the surgery, he explained the medical steps that would need to take place and reveiwed post-op medication procedures. He prescibed 3 different medications including a herbal healing, anti-biotic, and a pain killer. I'd like to describe the herbal healing medication as the 8th wonder of the world!!! It's a new herbal medication for pre/post-op facial surgeries and it works miracles! I had no brusing a day and days after my surgery. I was just the normal swollen, but no bruising whatsoever my skin seemed like it was never operated on. I believe this was because of Dr. Zimm's skillful hands and the medication. He is very gentle and very sweet.

He is the type of doctor who would stay over time in the office to go over any confusions or conerns you have before surgery takes place. He called me the night before my surgery to make sure I had my first pre-op dose of the herbal med and to answer any last minute questions.

The surgery took a little longer than planned because of the severity of my deviated septum. On the 7th day when the casts over my nose and chin were removed I truly loved my new restructured nose and chin implant. My nose was now straight and the bump was gone! My nose is still healing because the nose takes at least 6 months to a year to fully regain its elasticity. My chin has more volume making my side profile even and aligned.

I am very satisfied with how my nose and chin look now and I can breathe better as well! Dr. Zimm is a brillant and warm-hearted Doctor. He is dedicated, interpersonal, and very profesional. He is very honest and accurate during consultations and extremely thorough during pre/post-ops. I am very thankful to had been reccommended a prestigious doctor.

Facial Surgery Success - New York, NY

Dr. Zimm performed facial surgery on me this past...
13 Oct 2013 4 months post
Dr. Zimm performed facial surgery on me this past summer. I am very happy with the results. No pain at all during the procedure and absolutely no scar on my face. It was near my eye so I was quite worried but he was an amazing, skilled doctor and was very patient with me. Dr. Zimm did before and after pics that were great too.

Rhinoplasty and Deviated Septum Surgery - New York, NY

My experience was great, the whole process felt...
8 Oct 2013 2 months post
My experience was great, the whole process felt comfortable even though I was nervous to begin with. This was my second nose surgery the first doctor I had gone to did not do much to really define my nose or even had any suggestions. My very first visit to Dr Zimm we spoke of what i wanted, then he made some suggestions and the results..........a more natural look with a more refined nose. I would totally recommend anyone who is considering a surgery to try out Dr Zimm!


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