Thinking About Combining Your Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) With A Chin Implant Surgery? Here are some things to consider:

Is it necessary (why combine the procedures)?

You may be thinking about getting a chin implant to compliment your rhinoplasty. This is a good idea, and they work well together. An under-projected (small) chin, for instance, can make your nose appear larger. It can also make the angle between your jaw and neck appear undefined. By treating yourself to a chin implant, you’ll be complimenting your rhinoplasty by adding balance to your profile and providing yourself with optimal facial harmony.

Will the implant feel normal?

Yes. These implants are made of solid materials including silicone, and they rest just on the top of your chin bone. Once all the healing has taken place, it will feel just like your normal chin.

Will it add to my recovery time?

No. The minor amount of bruising and swelling that occurs under and around the chin lasts approximately one week. This is the same amount of time required for the initial recovery of your rhinoplasty surgery. Hence, you’ll receive the benefits of both facial enhancements while only having to commit yourself to a single period of recovery.

Will the chin implant leak?

No. Unlike breast implants, which do have a risk of leakage, chin implants do not carry such risks, as they are made of solid materials such as solid silicone.

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