Top 5 Myths About BOTOX® and Fillers For Men

1. It’s a procedure only for women

Surprisingly, the fastest growing demographic for injectables is men, particularly in uber-competitive environments such as New York City. When you think about it, it makes sense. Wanting to look and feel your best is not a desire held exclusively by women. Common reasons that men are seeking out these treatments include the desire to look less tired, or less angry (from having low/furrowed brows), and wanting to appear rejuvenated without a feminine or un-natural look.

2. It will make me look more feminine

BOTOX® and fillers will make you look more energetic, youthful, and engaged. They won’t make you look more feminine. If anything, they’ll bring out your masculinity by removing that worn-out look and restoring the robust shine of more youthful days.

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that the result doesn’t rest so much with the products themselves, as much as in the way that the products are administered. So, seek out a practitioner who has experience in facial aesthetics and in treating male patients.

3. I don’t have time for it

BOTOX® and fillers can be administered in a relaxed, no-rush, simple office visit lasting a mere 15 to 45 minutes. Plus, there is little to no downtime afterward, although a small amount of bruising and swelling may occur.

4. It’s not going to do much for me / I don’t need it

In today’s competitive work environment, looking less tired and more energetic will give you a competitive advantage. You’ll also enjoy improved self-confidence that you can maintain well into your 60’s and 70’s. BOTOX® will smooth out those deep brow lines and crow’s feet, while fillers can help to conceal those eye bags that make you look tired and less engaged.

5. Any practitioner can perform these procedures on me

If your standards are low enough, this statement might be true. However, if high quality is what you’re seeking, be sure to work with an expert injector who specializes in facial anatomy and aesthetics, such as facial plastic surgeon who has experience in treating male patients.

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